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Mis-Sold investment - SJP Partnership

Latest update: 29th January, 2019 (New Model Advisor)

Case Points

Total amount invested

£100.59 billion as of 23rd October, 2018.

Why did people invest in it?

St James’s Place Partnership is the largest advisory firm in the UK. With over £100 billion of assets under management, and consistent year on year valuation growth – making them seem an attractive investment opportunity.

Why was it mis-selling?

As with the AFH Financial Group, St. James’s Place Partnership has engaged in the practice of acquiring assets that have then proceeded to cost the FSCS significant sums of money. They have hired 29 directors whose firms have then proceeded to collapse on the FSCS, costing the body at minimum £8.1 million.

Potential value of cases



St James’s Place Partnership holds over £100 billion in managed assets, making it the largest financial advice firm in the UK. By purchasing and consolidating the work of a number of smaller firms, they have developed an increasing value in the investments market.

While SJP is currently close to the maximum levy contribution to the FSCS, their business represents a total compensation bill of £8.1 million. SJP will also only contribute £100,000 toward any cases brought against its advisors for cases related to their prior business. Although not illegal, this raises serious ethical questions regarding the fact that they are able to be selective about which costs to acquire due to their financial significance causing pay-outs to be made directly by the FSCS.

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