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Why did people invest in it?

PFR Services offered financial advice to clients, and widely offered SIPPs.

Why was it mis-selling?

In 2011, the FCA released a statement that the firm was acting in the UK without appropriate authorisation and was suspected of share fraud.

Potential value of cases



PFR (Planning for Retirement) Services Ltd was a financial advice firm that offered pension plans and financial advice to their clients. They emphasised the potential flexibility of SIPP products compared with traditional pensions, and the ways these could be made to enhance the value of your pensions.

However, in April 2011, the firm was found to have been acting without the appropriate authorisations from the FCA. The FCA responded to this by releasing a press release about the PFR documenting the issues found with the firm.

Within this press release, the FCA warned that there were serious risks that PFR were engaging in illegal practices such as share fraud.

You are likely to have a potential claim on the basis of advice from a regulated firm. The claim above is only an example of a potential claim. Each claim is judged on its individual merits and as such, we cannot guarantee that your individual claim will be successful or that you indeed may have grounds for a claim.

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