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Mis-Sold investment - Nurture Financia lPlanning

Latest Update: 28th June, 2019 (The London Gazette)

Case Points

Total amount invested


Why did people invest in it?

Nurture Financial Planning was a financial advice firm founded in 2008 which offered consumers financial advice on investments and pensions.

Why was it mis-selling?

A number of cases against Nurture have been successful, especially in relation to investments in the failed Harlequin Property scheme.

Potential value of cases



Nurture Financial Planning Ltd was a financial advice based in Norwich. The firm was founded in 2008 as Premier IFA Ltd, before changing their name in 2013 to Nurture Financial Planning. The firm was regulated by the FCA from April 1st 2009 under FRN 496332. Nurture was founded by Simon Linstead, who remains director at the current time.

On the 2nd May 2019, the firm was formally entered into administration. This was the culmination of a series of events, beginning in March 2019 when the Financial Ombudsman Service ordered them to make a pay-out to a client.

The client in question had place an investment in the now failed Harlequin Property scheme in 2012 which had been based on the advice offered by Nurture. While the client had then made a second investment of their own volition in Harlequin, the Ombudsman ruled that only the first had been based on the advice of Nurture. This caused a substantial financial burden to fall on the firm.

In May, it emerged that seven advisors had left the firm following a pay dispute with the managing director. These advisors claimed they had not received payment for the three months leading up to February 2019, and that in fact they had been receiving their pay late, or incomplete, for the past 18 months. As a result of this, the firm entered into administration.

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