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Were you advised by an Independent Financial Advisor to transfer your Pension pot which resulted in the loss of some or all of your savings, resulted in a large unexpected tax bill or jeopardised your retirement goals?

If so, you may have been mis-sold. Our committed team at FinancialClaims.com may be able to help you recover any money owed to you as a result of Pension mis-selling.

Could I make a claim against the sale or transfer of my Pension?

Pensions are widely considered to be among the most tax-efficient methods for saving for your retirement and any regulated advice received about your pension is of critical importance to be correct or it is likely to affect your retirement goals.

If you have had poor advice about your pension and believe you have suffered financially or will suffer financially by the time you retire, now is the time to do something about it.

If you answer yes to any of the below questions then you may have reasonable grounds to complain and we would love to help you navigate the complaints procedures of any FCA regulated firm who provided you with the advice.

  • Have you transferred your pension and lost valuable benefits offered by your current pension?
  • The Pension did not suit your need and/or the financial loss risks were not clearly explained to you when transferring your pension.
  • Did you suffer a large tax bill which you were not advised about?
  • Did you feel pressurised into making your pension transfer?
  • Has this transfer affected your retirement plan and/or taken a drain on your retirement fund?

How do I make a claim for mis-selling?

If you believe you may have been mis-sold, you’ve come to the right place. We believe hard-working consumers shouldn’t have to write off their losses incurred because of someone else’s mistakes.

Our professional team have an excellent understanding of the complaints process, and we pride ourselves in making sure our customers receive the compensation they are due. If you’ve suffered a financial loss because of the poor recommendations made to you by a Financial Advisor, or you just think that you may have been mis-sold, apply through FinancialClaims.com today

Apply now to take advantage of our no win no fee service secure in the knowledge that if we are successful on your behalf our Pension reclaim fees are 24% (including VAT) of any compensation awarded.

Fee Comparison Table

Figures taken from websites as at 31/03/2020

Claims Management Company (CMC) Rate incl. VAT
FinancialClaims.com 24%
Goodwin Barrett 48%
It is your Money 42%
Consumer Savings Network 36%
Expert Pension Claims 36%
Ingram Toft 30%

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