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Took a Mortgage out after October 2004?

Then you could be due a refund for breach of contract resulting in you being overcharged on your mortgage.

Ever missed a Mortgage Payment or had Arrears?

  • Ever missed a payment or had arrears on your mortgage, then you could have overpaid due to misallocated payments or interest rate errors.
  • You could also be a victim of a mortgage overpayment even if you’ve never missed a payment.
  • Just one missed payment could result in years of miscalculated fees on your mortgage account.

Check Your Mortgage today!

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FinancialClaims.com do not charge you for our Mortgage services. Our service is a non-obligatory, free assessment of your account. We are paid a referral fee at the point at which your claim is escalated to the Solicitors.

You do not need to use a Claims Management Company to make a complaint to your mortgage provider and if your complaint is not successful you can refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service yourself for free.

Contact us today and we will check your mortgage for potential overpayments, for free.*

Will I qualify?

Breach of Mortgage Contracts are more common than people realise – if you can answer ‘Yes’ to the 4 questions below then you could be due a refund.

Took the Mortgage for a Minimum of £70,000?

Had a residential property and not a Buy to Let?

Mortgage taken out between November 2004 – June 2015?

Mortgage ran for more than 6 years or was not closed more than 9.5 years ago?

Are the above dates really that important?

The answer is YES. This is because Lenders and Intermediaries of Mortgages did not become regulated until 31 October 2004 – meaning if the mortgage product you would like us to review was taken out before this date, we will be unable to assist you with a mortgage reclaim.

Free Service Review

No Obligation

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Operating since 2011.

Our staff have helped tens of thousands of clients reclaim millions in refunds.**

We offer a no-obligation service to review your mortgage account at no cost to you. All cases taken on by the solicitors we work with require potential discrepancies at a minimum of £15,000! So start the process today and let us find out if you could be owed a refund.

*Only our initial assessment is free. If your case is successful after you have agreed for the Solicitor to take it on, the solicitor will charge you for their services by deducting a percentage of your compensation.
**The relates to all claims of financial products

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