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Mis-Sold investment - Imperial Trustee Services

Latest update: 1st August, 2019 (Serious Fraud Office)

Case Points

Total amount invested


Why did people invest in it?

Investors were offered high returns on investment, along with cash incentives, to transfer their pension to the Capita Oak scheme, administered by Imperial Trustee.

Why was it mis-selling?

Imperial Trustee services entered liquidation in 2015 related to the costs incurred from compensation owed to clients due to the mis-selling of Capita Oak products.

Potential value of cases



Imperial Trustee Services Ltd was a trustee of the Capita Oak Pension Scheme. The scheme guaranteed a return by investing the pension pots into Store First, a storage pod scheme where investors purchased storage pods which were the rented to clients on their behalf. Capita Oak offered their clients cash incentives to transfer their pensions into the scheme, alongside the already high returns on investment that had been promised. It is unknown how many people invested in the schemes, but estimates place their number in the hundreds.

Following a series of allegations of mis-selling Imperial Trustees, in 2015, Imperial Trustee Services entered liquidation. The liquidator asked for a replacement trustee to be appointed for Capita Oak by the Pensions Regulator a year later in 2016 in an attempt to allow it the best chance of recovery of members’ assets.

In May 2017, the UK Serious Fraud Office launched an investigation into Capita Oak. The project was launched in conjunction with Spanish authorities, the National Crime Agency and the Pensions Regulator. This stemmed from claims of illegal sales of pensions products and the use of illegal cash incentives.

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