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Why did people invest in it?

Group First Global Ltd is the parent company of a number of businesses including Store First Ltd and Park First Ltd.

Why was it mis-selling?

Store First Ltd is now being wound up in response to a court order issued by Manchester High Court in April 2019. The parent company has been allowed to continue trading.

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Group First Global Ltd is a parent company that was incorporated in March 2006. As part of its umbrella, it is responsible for Store First Ltd and Park First Ltd. These two schemes aimed at revolutionising self-storage and airport parking respectively by allowing private investors to purchase either storage spaces or parking spaces and then rent them back to general clients for a fee.

In April 2018, Group First Global accounts for 2017 were published. These documented a net loss of £42 million between Store First and Park First. This came after Park First was ordered by the FCA to cease promoting its airport parking investment scheme as it lacked the appropriate authorisation. This was issued in December 2017.

In April 2019, Store First was ordered to be wound up by the Manchester High Court. While some branches of the firm were allowed to continue trading, they were ordered to cease offering their scheme as an investment opportunity.

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