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Alderley Wealth Management

Latest update: 20th February, 2018 (The Pensions Regulator)

Case Points

Total amount invested


Why did people invest in it?

The Pensions Regulator is concerned that pension holders were persuaded with the promise of “higher returns and cash incentives upfront.”

Why was it mis-selling?

In February 2018, The Pensions Regulator appointed an independent trustee over concerns over the management of over £3 million in funds, and suspected cold calling.

Potential value of cases



Alderley Wealth Management was founded by Christopher and Colleen Burgess in August 2009. Their intention for establishment was to “assist the ever-growing needs of high net worth individuals, companies, trusts and charities.” They state on their website that they are pensions specialists and tax planning experts.

In February 2018, The Pensions Regulator launched an investigation, alongside the police, into Alderley Wealth Management. As a part of this process, they appointed an independent trustee, ITS, as there were concerns that the current trustee – Confideo Pension Trustees – had “breached its statutory, regulatory and common law investment duties.” There were worries that over £3 million in funds under management was at risk as a result of the actions of Confideo.

The Pensions Regulator stated that there was evidence that some members of the Alderley Wealth Management scheme had requested to be placed in low-risk UK based investments, but that instead their funds had been placed in high-risk illiquid investments overseas instead. This failure to adhere to client requirements is in breach of UK pensions regulations.

ournalists also uncovered links between Alderley Wealth Management and a failed financial firm called Alderley Asset Management which had been run by Christopher Burgess until 2011. It is possible that this had not previously been noticed because Burgess had two separate profiles on the Companies House register. Alderley Asset Management did not fail until 2015, but the link between Burgess and this failed firm raised potential concerns.

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