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Alderley Asset Management Ltd

Latest update: 22nd July, 2016 (CityWire)

Case Points

Total amount invested


Why did people invest in it?

Alderley Asset Management included non-regulated investments such as Ethical Forestry which offered the potential of high returns.

Why was it mis-selling?

Ethical Forestry and other high-risk investments were not always appropriate for inclusion within a SIPP.

Potential value of cases



Alderley Asset Management Ltd was incorporated in 1997 as a pensions funding and life insurance provider. They were declared insolvent in 2014, and were officially wound up in 2015.

Alderley was wound up following a slew of mis-selling cases, several of which were related to their inclusion of Ethical Forestry in their investment portfolio. Ethical Forestry itself was wound up in December 2015, and is currently the subject of a Serious Fraud Office investigation. The inclusion of the Ethical Forestry investments in SIPPs caused the due diligence standards of the entire SIPPs industry to be called into question.

One Alderley Asset Management customer brought their case to the FSCS related to the inclusion of Ethical Forestry in their SIPP. They were ultimately given £25,384 in compensation after the FSCS calculated the value of the investment as having been reduced to nil.

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