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FinancialClaims.com was founded on the belief that we can work with customers to help them reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

We believe in offering value for money so work on a No Win No Fee basis*.

When you get compensation following our involvement, we only charge a 24% fee. This fee is inclusive of VAT so no addition addons at the last minute!

We are up to 50% cheaper than some of our competitors. Have a look at our fee comparison table below:

*Except Mortgage Claims.

Each of the services that we offer may have different terms

We are a claims management company, which has an expert team with years of experience in the Claims Management and Financial industries.

The experience our team has had from being in both the regulatory sales and processing environment, helps us to understand how to evidence the root cause of our customers claims and we believe this is what will make us successful.

We ensure those who have treated our customers poorly in the past are held to account for their actions by using the regulatory complaints route, which must be reported to the Financial Conduct Authority on a regular basis, which in turn, publishes complaints data about firms for all to see.

Here’s a link to where this data is published on the FCA website. https://www.fca.org.uk/data/complaints-data

We pride ourselves on using our expertise to help customers who have been mis-sold one or a number of financial products. These include:

Types of financial claims

If one of these products was sold to you by an FCA regulated business, and you have suffered a financial loss you may have a good arguable basis for a claim.

This will enable us to assist you in reaching a fair outcome with your adviser or the bank or institution who sold it to you.

Fee Comparison Table

Figures taken from websites as at 31/03/2020

Claims Management Company (CMC) Rate incl. VAT
FinancialClaims.com 24%
Goodwin Barrett 48%
It is your Money 42%
Consumer Savings Network 36%
Expert Pension Claims 36%
Ingram Toft 30%

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